(pour Guy !!)

Vous n'avez pas été performants les années précédentes ? Une nouvelle occasion vous est proposée par Oscar :

Le Marin (La Martinique)

(14°28,17 N - 60°51,96 W)
(sous le vent de l'ile aux fleurs)

“2020, from 09 to 16 of May”

le port


OSCAR wish you an Happy new Year for you and your family.
"annum novum faustum felicem"

   - Some News :
   - Lottery will be done in december (as soon as registration will be achieve)
   - Some charter companies have less boats available than we expect ...
   - So we are looking for more boat, be patient .
   - For those who are registered, couple skipper-boat will be here.
   - infos : charter companies and more, here.
   - For extra-days, you have to contact your charter company, if you expect
     to keep the boat get by drawing. Oscar never organize that part.

- L'Ariane's cup 2019 is done !
  the Winner is Amaury Pigeon from Airbus D.S. - Toulouse.
- Here, you will find (nothing ?)


OSCAR Team in Boatic Marina / L'équipe OSCAR vous remercie !

Dobrodošli, Kalos irthate, Bienvenue, Welcome, Willkommen, Välkommen, Velkommen ... et toutes ces sortes de choses
(et aussi: Benvenuto, Degemer mad, Contant wé zot, ...)

pub: meteo

Oscar - organisation presente :

2019 results

The winner 2019 :
Amaury Pigeon (Airbus DS)
from Toulouse (FR)
Dufour 40 "Lohengrin"
(CFC - La Trinité)

(Bravo à l'équipage !)

Ici : L'Europe
Ici : notre hote
Là, le Monde

Some websites :
- See that video !!.
- wind map

- Tide

. C'est lorsqu'on est devant que la flotte est la plus belle.... Fleet is more beautiful seen from ahead...

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Warning, this file weight 17 Mo, it's long! even with ADSL.
(NDLR: I dream to cut it in chapters to ameliorate that point)
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